Cohen Veterans Bioscience Announces ‘Call for National TBI Action Coalition’

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A new Community Coordination model to accelerate a first generation of diagnostics and treatments for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

NEW YORKNov. 10, 2022 – Cohen Veterans Bioscience (CVB), a brain research and advocacy non-profit organization is pleased to announce it is launching a Call for a TBI Action Coalition on the eve of Veterans Day.

This ‘Call for Coalition’ is an actionable outcome from the recent Cohen Veterans Bioscience led Brain Trauma Blueprint Action Summit held October 18-19, 2022, at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington DC.  CVB convened national stakeholder groups across government, academia, foundations, industry, and individuals with lived experience to develop the plan to execute the TBI Precision Research Roadmap – a consensus driven plan that outlines the research projects & policies needed to accelerate a first generation of precision diagnostics and targeted treatments for brain trauma and also the systemic changes required to ensure that all those suffering from trauma-related brain disorders can get access to these new innovations, and other support and care, they so desperately need.

Quote from Dr. Magali HaasEvery year, millions of Americans, including Veterans, active military, first responders and public safety personnel, experience traumatic brain injuries and their devastating chronic effects, including suicide. Yet, in 2022, we still have no FDA-approved TBI diagnostics or treatments.

Cohen Veterans Bioscience (CVB), a national, nonpartisan 501c3 non-profit research organization dedicated to fast-tracking the development of diagnostic tests and personalized therapeutics for brain health, established the Brain Trauma Blueprint and is leading the coalition effort.

Through the Action Coalition we will engage the entire stakeholder community to be part of a more coordinated effort, to place TBI research at the top of the U.S. National Policy agenda to ensure that the TBI Precision Research Roadmap is executed, and that the future for those suffering from these conditions is brighter.

“We believe that a different model is needed to achieve success – a model where we collaborate to identify the most pressing research gaps and work collectively to address those gaps and ensure our work is not done in isolation, but as part of a more coordinated effort with the right resources and the right focus” said Dr. Magali Haas, CEO & President of CVB.

The TBI Coalition will be an all-hands Community Driven approach that enables Public-Private Partnership to optimize the synergistic capabilities of industry, government, advocacy and academia using an integrated approach, so that new insights can build off each other and lead to accelerated solutions.  The work of the TBI Action Coalition will be driven by the consensus TBI Precision Research Roadmap to ensure progress towards clearly delineated goals & objectives to deliver on the promise of precision diagnostics and targeted therapeutics.

“The time is now to embark on a new model of research, where researchers, the government, industry and those with lived experiences come together to focus on achieving specific, measurable objectives that will transform the lives of people who suffer from brain related injuries” says Frank Larkin, Chair of CVB’s Veterans Advisory Council.

We invite all individuals and organizations interested in joining this critical fight to join the Coalition Membership program.  You can access Coalition information via or


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Cohen Veterans Bioscience is a non-profit 501(c)(3) biomedical research and technology organization dedicated to advancing brain health by fast-tracking precision diagnostics and tailored therapeutics. We are leading the way to cure “invisible wounds” for the millions of veterans, service members, first responders, and civilians who suffer from trauma-related conditions.
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