A Path Forward: Identifying Solutions for Recognized Gaps in Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnostics and Treatment

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CVB and American Brain Coalition

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 12pm-1:30pm ET

Cohen Veterans Bioscience and the American Brain Coalition, in cooperation with the Congressional Neuroscience Caucus and the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force, invite you to a webinar with leading experts in traumatic brain injury (TBI).

A leading cause of death and disability, TBIs affect about 2.87 million Americans each year and result in more than 56,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations. Beyond the initial event, many who suffer a TBI often develop numerous other chronic health sequelae, including mental health conditions, cognitive dysfunction, sleep disturbance, and substance abuse disorders, further increasing the personal and economic burden of TBI.

While the management of the initial effects of TBI have improved in recent years, both clinicians and researchers agree that early care and diagnosis may not accurately predict long-term patient outcomes. Thus, for those who go on to develop chronic effects of TBI, many gaps exist in our understanding that limit the advancement of solutions for the long-term consequences of TBI. This virtual briefing includes a panel of experts who will present findings from the Brain Trauma Blueprint 2019 State of the Science Summit on TBI and recent Roadmap recommendations, outlining the identified gaps across research and defining the potential solutions for progress.

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Patrick Bellgowan, PhD
Deputy Associate Director
National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke (NINDS)

Jamshid Ghajar, MD, PhD
President, Brain Trauma Foundation
Director, Stanford Brain Performance Center

Magali Haas, MD, PhD
CEO & President
Cohen Veterans Bioscience

Rachel B. Ramoni, DMD, ScD
Chief Research & Development Officer
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

James R. Stone, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Radiology and Medical Imaging
University of Virginia School of Medicine

Moderator: Chantelle Ferland-Beckham, PhD
Director, Policy & Advocacy
Cohen Veterans Bioscience