State of the Science Summit:
Diagnosis of Trauma-Related Brain Disorders

September 12-13, 2018  –  Silver Spring, MD

Proceedings from the State of the Science Summit
on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Cohen Veterans Bioscience is leading the development, advocacy and implementation of a Brain Trauma Blueprint (BTB) to help guide development efforts and accelerate the progression towards a new generation of precision diagnostics and targeted therapeutics for trauma related brain disorders. 

The development of the Brain Trauma Blueprint is facilitated through a series of State of the Science Summits (SOSS) that fosters collaboration across a multidisciplinary stakeholder community of academia, government, industry, military and research.

Proceedings from the Inaugural State of the Science Summit

The inaugural SoSS explored the state of the science in diagnosis of trauma-related brain disorders with a major focus on PTSD. Working groups surveyed the current scientific landscape, identified knowledge gaps, and considered new evidence-based scientific and clinical models to fill these gaps. The outcome will be a prioritized list of specific recommendations that addresses the identified knowledge gaps across PTSD, with dissemination to legislators, public and private funding organizations, academia, researchers, industry and the public to inform the next generation of translational research. The Consensus Document will be shared later this year.