State of the Science Summit:
Paths to Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries

June 5-6, 2019  –  Washington, D.C.

Proceedings from the State of the Science Summit
on Traumatic Brain Injury

Cohen Veterans Bioscience is leading the development, advocacy and implementation of a Brain Trauma Blueprint (BTB) to help guide development efforts and accelerate the progression towards a new generation of precision diagnostics and targeted therapeutics for trauma related brain disorders. 

The development of the Brain Trauma Blueprint is facilitated through a series of State of the Science Summits (SOSS) that fosters collaboration across a multidisciplinary stakeholder community of academia, government, industry, military and research.

2019 State of the Science Summit Proceedings

In 2019, we hosted our second State of the Science Summit (SOSS) with over 100 thought leaders to foster consensus around potential paths to treatment for TBI. The goal was to define TBI beyond the typical classifications of mild, moderate or severe, in order to more clearly describe underlying disease mechanisms. The Summit focused on the chronic sequelae of TBI and aimed to identify current knowledge gaps in the etiology and mechanisms of persistent TBI symptoms.

The resulting recommendations create actionable research priorities to be prioritized across the research ecosystem and will be rolled out in the next few months.